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Make-Tracks now offers a choice of webmail clients. The standard that you've been using all along, Squirrelmail, is still available. In addition, we are offering a new modern webmail client, Roundcube.

We suggest giving Roundcube a try; it has a much cleaner and simpler interface. All your messages and contacts are still available. Although any settings/preferences from Squirrelmail will not be imported automatically; you will need to set those yourself.

You can try Roundcube, and if you then prefer to stay with Squirrelmail that's fine; all your messages are available in both, so there is no risk of 'losing' messages in one webmail client or the other. Feel free to switch back & forth while you choose which you prefer.

If you have any questions about either Squirrelmail or Roundcube, feel free to contact us at

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